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2D games suck
Name : boobteg4642     Date : 17-05-05 04:12
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Honestly, with such horrible steam reviews, and all of the trouble over the years, why haven"t you put this game out to pasture. This is like the Tetris of PC games. There is never any events, there is no support and makes me question whether or not there is anyone actually working on this, you don"t support American currency anymore, and this game isn"t even 3D. The clock in my graphics cards are always in 3D when playing any other game. This game, they sit idle at 324mhz while playing. It takes up as many resources as a plank of wood. There"s no innovation, nothing new in years, except increased lag. I"ve got one of the fastest pings to your server in the game, and all that is does is gets me killed faster because people like Ikebird or Kir are lagging so bad they can bomb you from 1000m away, or underneath you. There"s no wonder why no one except steam wants to carry your game. It even makes steam look bad. Go read the reviews, then stop taking advantage of people with your special Item Packs that are worthless. I took a two year break from this to go play some real games, and when I came back, nothing was improved. Gear lab is worse, OW is worse. There aren"t any GM"s anymore. Does this game even have a server? Or is it some high school kid"s project on his windows xp laptop? Damn, that was a joke like 4 years ago. Now it"s not even funny anymore to still find people playing this game after the gamescampus abandonment and theft. It"s sad, and pathetic.

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 izod  17-05-30 23:20
lol....Exactly. You have to be a special kind of lowlife to play this game. The events are terrible. And the GM is worst. He gives 1 event and no one else can have it. The OW Juggernaut medal event was given once 5 years ago, and no one else can have it. He gave the VTOL MOON Avatar plane event once, and no one else can have it.
Rewards in Raids are terrible. There is such a thing as having too much content ina game. And this game has too much content in it. He should get rid of modules and some vet gears. Red bottles suck, and green bottles are a joke.
 dkilla007  17-08-03 16:24
I don\"t play this game anymore, but I do like OW Juggernaut medal isn\"t obtainable anymore. It was only meant for the top 100 in EU vs US and I was ranked 3rd in the entire event. That is a great accomplishment most players can\"t ever achieve so I am happy I have gotten a reward others wont ever get.


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